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Sativa is great for day time use. If you are looking to focus, be creative or laugh, Sativa is a great choice


Indica strains are generally for night time use.
There are many medical properties. Usually induces a couch lock effect and relaxes you

Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds. Great combination of medical and recreational benefits

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What is Sativa? The term is used to describe a particular species of the buy marijuana online plant. Naturally suitable to grow outdoors, Sativa strains come in a vast number of varieties and produce many effects. This strain is known for its head and body high effect and it can help in treatment of many different medical illnesses. Sativa strains have the following traits: • Plants are tall and thin • Leaves are narrow • Color is paler green than Indicas • Grow and mature more slowly • Require more light to grow • Buds often have an orange or a red hue • Tend to have long, wispy hairs • Generally have a lower level of CBD and a higher count of THC Sativa offers several medicinal benefits including: • Mood regulation • Anti-depressant properties • Decreased chronic pain • Increased creativity and focus • Increased serotonin 

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